Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I need to help your Border Collie find a good home...

For years, we raised border collies here at the farm.  We were breeders and as times changed, we did too... now we're into helping the breed as a whole when needed.  When we raised pups, we realized that all matches are not made in heaven and if a pup we sold did not work out for any reason, it came back home.   Border Collies need lots of attention and sometimes things change in the owner's life or at home. If you have a Border Collie and it needs a home or you need help, it doesn't matter where it came from , this is where we step in.  Our mission is to continue to help but I need you help and information.

Below is a list and link to get the process started...

Things I need;
Good photos of the dog from several angles.  They must be clear and be able to tell the color and markings.
Sex - spay/neutered?
Weight of dog.
Microchipped - with who and to whom
Vet contact - name and phone number along with a release for you to speak to them if necessary
Aggression- have they bitten a person?  Food aggressive? Dog aggressive? 
House broken?
Crate trained?
Ok in a car?
Any training/skills - agility, obedience, herding etc....if so, name of trainer
Medical issues?
UTD on vaccines, deworming and heartworm prevention, date of last heartworm screen, name of current preventative
Ok with cats?
Ok with kids?

Not everything will be applicable but the more infornmation, the better.

General info about the dog, and a story about the dog from your point of view.  I will edit and post from my style so don't worry about your writing, I just need all the facts and information for the prospective owner, they will want to know.

Secondly, tell me why you are needing to rehome the dog and things that might be a problem.  I have found that truthfulness is the best policy, so be honest.

The information needs to be sent to  If you need to call before you post or have questions, feel free to call.  812-988-4656.  We are not looking for someone to give a dog a home, we are looking for someone or a family to share their life and home with a forever pet.